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worlds。 conquered

☢ high voltageing
:3, allison is moe, awesome east asian nations, badass red coats, being a cock, bitches, cocorosie, conquering, cooking housewaifu watanuki, cunnilingus, danger! danger! high voltage!, dat ass, doumeki-bastard, envy's fucking legs, freeeeddoooom punchhhhh!, gabrielas of many names, guys in red vests, hobo-sempai shinjiro, holy shit, jess is a cock, kyukyu-kun, len to my rin, made in greece, non-existent homoerotic subtext, noppon pon, o herro, oh my god russia, ruby safire, sarah is a meanie, sassy vocaloids, secret shipping, shank shank shank, the korean mafia, tuuuurkeyyyyy, uboa surprise!, vivi where are you, what is that, yu-da's hair antenna, yume nikki, zero's real name